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R and E Ranch began in the summer of 2010. Randy and Elaine Good purchased a house and forty acres in Gordonville, Texas. We have always enjoyed living in the country. We had forty acres and had to find something to do with it, so we thought raising miniature cattle could be it. Randy was browsing the internet one afternoon and something about Miniature Herefords came up, so he decided to take a look, the more he read the more interesting these Miniature Herefords sounded. Miniature Herefords do not take up as much space as a standard cow. And Miniature Herefords are easy keepers and it doesn’t take as much feed to feed them as a standard cow. These Miniature Herefords would be perfect for an AG Exemption (Check your states requirements) or great for a 4H project or just a pet!!! So we decided to give these Miniature Herefords a chance. We also raise Black Angus Cattle, there is a pretty big difference in Commercial Cattle and Miniature Herefords. Why mini cows like Miniature Herefords? First of all smaller size means less feed. Miniature Herefords weigh a lot less than standard sized cows, so it takes about half the feed. Smaller size means 
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Miniature Herefords

​smaller amounts of meat there is only two of us to feed, so it takes a lot less meat to feed us these Miniature Herefords are perfect for that. Or for an average sized family so you can use it before the shelf life of the meat. Our Miniature Herefords are smaller so they are easier to handle and vaccinate.
​We wanted to get into something our whole family could get into with us. Our Son-in- Law Danny Miller has worked different ranches most of his life, so he has the experience to care for these Miniature Herefords. His wife Cindy which is our daughter also helps him, we have four Grandchildren we want to give them the opportunity to be involved in our Family Miniature Hereford Business. So please take a look at our Miniature Hereford Website and see if anything we have to offer ,interest you if so please feel free to contact us anytime, Call, Email or visit in person. It’s up to you!!! We will try to do our best to make you a very satisfied customer!!

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