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Our mini cows are mainly raised on Grass, Hay, and Grain occasionally, we have had to feed a little more this year due to the drought in Texas. We keep salt and mineral out for our miniature Herefords also. Our Mini Hereford Calves weight has been anywhere from 35 pounds to 60 pounds. Our calves are weaned at six months old we feed our Miniature Hereford weanlings grain to ease the weaning stress from being away from their Mommas. We keep our Miniature Hereford calves separated for two to three weeks, then they go to separate pastures to grow and mature, at this time they’re sorted into sale groups, replacement heifers and bulls to be developed. Our miniature cattle are Registered with the American Hereford Association.
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Miniature Cattle

They require tattooing, tagging, and registration as the Standard Hereford. We are just starting our Miniature Hereford journey, and trying to breed and raise the best quality Miniature Herefords we can.

R and E Ranch is registered with the American Hereford association. We have a few Miniature Herefords for sale right now. We really haven’t got into showing our Miniature Herefords yet because, none of us have had time to really travel out of town to different areas yet. We hope to start showing our Mini’s one day. We are very excited about having more babies this Spring. So please take a look at our sale page and contact us with any questions.
KNF DON CARLOS (Reg. # 42899915)
Born: March 6, 2008 Bull
SS SIR JACKSON (Reg. #P42927075
Born: April 14, 2008

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